Saturday, September 3, 2011

She's Nubs!

Back in 2003, the band NOFX released a song titled "She's Nubs" on their album The War on Errorism. Give it a listen while you're reading this blog, would you?

If you're paying attention to the lyrics, you'll realize that the song is an ode to a girl who attended the band's shows. A girl with nubs for limbs, attending a punk rock show; how badass is that? She even gets an awesome song written about her, and when I first heard the song several years ago, I guess it didn't hit me that this girl was a real person.

Then I was on Twitter today, and under the "Who to follow" sidebar, the user @NUBS416 is recommended to me. I usually ignore Twitter's follow suggestions, but what catches my attention is that @NUBS416 is followed by @FatMike_0f_Nofx. So I click her profile. It says her name is Talli Osborne, and her description reads:

Social Media Gal for Virgin Mobile by day - Singer of the Talliband by night!

Huh. I didn't know what to make of the Virgin Mobile part, but I'm always eager to check out punk bands, so I Googled the talliband (laughed out loud when the search engine asked if I meant "the taliban"), and found their Myspace page (you should give them a listen, they have a unique brand of acoustic punk guided by some absolutely beautiful female vocals).

The search result also turned up the following video. If you do nothing else with this blog, WATCH THE VIDEO.

Did your mind implode? Mine did.