Sunday, April 29, 2012

How They'll Remember Us

We are the Facebook generation,
the sons and daughters of smart phones and YouTube.
Keyboards do the talking for us;
we are the generation of impersonal intimacy.
Speaking in QWERTY, we even invented sexting.
We are a caffeine nation, saving daylight by staying up all night.
We are pirates
proudly flying our bit torrent flags
as we amass piles of files of digital booty.
We want our stuff and we want it now,
so bring it to our doorstep,
We won't even be bothered to go to the movie theaters—
we surround-sounded them into our homes.
We know everything because Wikipedia knows everything—
Our obituaries will be read by Kindle light,
and our epitaphs will be 140 characters (or less),
but what will they do with our accounts,
our usernames,
our space on the World Wide Web,
when our lives are deactivated?

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Messages Unsent, part 2

Well, I've got a bunch of drafts of text messages piling up in my phone, and it doesn't look like I'm going to use them anytime soon, so I might as well put 'em on my blog. I haven't updated in a while, anyway.

It's lonely here, surrounded by the people I know so well.
It's lonely here, finding out that you're doing well.

* * *

* * *
Character idea: Guy who records his life by talking into a voice recorder so he won't forget anything, but then forgets how to talk to his friends.

* * *
...Aaaaand no response. #Thanks.

* * *
Well, at least now you know. On to better prospects.

* * *
I just want to be remembered when I'm gone.

* * *
Plaster billboards with the phrase: People suffer and you ignore them. #bucketlist

* * *
Ronald Raygun #SciFiPresidents

* * *
"Are you sure that's his car?" "Dude, I was in it last night."

* * *

I guess a lot of these ended up being little thoughts I had that make no sense without context, or like micro-journal entries. But to add a little clarity, the conversation about the car is a direct quote from two of my girlfriend Allison's high school acquaintances we ran into at Wal-Mart as they were purchasing Saran Wrap to cover some douche's car (I guess she found out he was cheating on her, and wanted to get back at him; I don't really know). The whole situation just stuck out to me. 

Also, I have no clue why Hz. was in my phone. Pocket text, maybe?