Thursday, February 10, 2011

Point of View

Song I wrote a while ago and recently rediscovered. Sorry, no video preview this time.

"Point of View"

When your friends abandoned you,
I was there
I loved you when you felt
nobody cared

But still I feel as though I cried
those tears for you in vain...
The only trait I hold with pride,
you curse and scorn its name...

Did I not feel your distaste for me?
(I am a human, just like you!)
Do I not share the air you breathe?
(We're just the same, through and through!)
We're not so different,
you and me.

I fought with you against our toughest
I shared with you the sweetest of our

But the highest of your moral goals,
I cannot be part of...
What you claim to hate the most
is everything I love...

Did I not feel your disdain for me?
(I am a human, just like you!)
Do I not share the pain you feel?
(It's just a different point of view!)

And when my heart
broke in two,
Did it not bleed
enough for you
To see that I feel
the things you do:

Love and hate;
Right and wrong;

I still have morals, just like you.

They don't come
from your God,

That doesn't make them any less true
to me.

Did I not feel your distaste for me?
Do I not share the air you breathe?
Have I not felt your disdain for me?
Do I not share the pain you feel?

We all suffer in this life;
This is how I explain my strife.
So what diverges me and you?
It's just a different point of view.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Does love come with morals?

Love is often a message we must learn to decode ourselves.

I'm making an attempt at Valentine's Day this year, so I won't have to spend it alone. There is a girl I like, a girl I might have a chance with (nobody reading this has ever met her, and you wouldn't recognize the name if I used it). I have been texting her lately, and she seems at least a little interested in me. There is a slight problem, though. She is still in high school (attending Aradia Valley--told you all you wouldn't know her), so the only way I can really get to see her is if I attend her church. Which I have done several times (and plan on doing tomorrow). I am even a member of her church's youth drama team. She does not know I am an atheist.

Last December she asked me if I could help her church's drama team do a Christmas performance. I hesitated, not wanting to get involved in church, but I agreed to help. Neglecting to mention I do not believe in God. This was an opportunity to get closer to her--why would I go and ruin it? Besides, how could I have told her?

I know it's not exactly honorable to infiltrate a church so I can woo one its members. I know that my (dis)beliefs could sabotage a relationship with this girl. I know it makes me a scoundrel. But this is a shot at love! If I continue pondering the morality of the situation, the opportunity to act on it will slip by. I know it's wrong, but I'm sick of backing down on the life I should be living.