Wednesday, January 15, 2014

*blows off a layer of dust*

Been awhile since I've been here. Blogging got hard to do because college, and I mismanage my time wonderfully. Mainly, I've been wasting it by making jokes on Twitter with a whole host of other tweet comedians. It's a fun community, and maybe I'll write about it some other time. For now, I just want to try getting into the swing of writing. I made it my new year's resolution to write more, as I've gotten sorely out of practice. Also, I decided to write at least two songs a month in what I call the Dr. Haskell Challenge, named for the teacher I had last semester who told the class he couldn't consider himself a songwriter if he didn't write at least two songs every month. By those standards, I'm faaaaaar from being a songwriter. And since I love music as much as writing, it only makes sense that I should blend the two. Guess I've got work to do.

I suppose the next step after songwriting is finding an outlet for it. I'd really like to start a band here in Cape Girardeau, but I don't know where to find people interested in playing punk rock music. Or if there's even a band scene in this city. But hey, it's a college town. Maybe I'll ask the music majors. Maybe I'll become a music major. Or a theater major. Or double major, music and theater. Maybe someday I'll write that game-changing musical. I don't know.

Yeah, I've been feeling conflicted about becoming a teacher. I suppose I've always been conflicted, and never really got over it. For a while I felt secure with the decision, because I told myself I wouldn't have to give up the other things I love, like music and theater. If I could I would go back and tell myself to major in music and theater before leaving MAC. Sometimes I feel like I've wasted so much time.

On a better note, I'm listening to Against Me!'s new album, Transgender Dysphoria Blues, and it's every bit as excellent as I hoped it would be. Stream it here if you're interested, and in the meantime, maybe I'll post a review for it sometime in the near future.